Gigantes de Carolina (men's basketball)

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Gigantes de Carolina
Leagues BSN
Founded 1971
Dissolved 2009
Arena Guillermo Angulo Coliseum
Location Carolina, Puerto Rico
Team colors Red and Black
President Joel Katz
Head coach Joel Katz
Championships 0

The Gigantes de Carolina was a Puerto Rican professional basketball team in the Baloncesto Superior Nacional based in Carolina, Puerto Rico.


In 2008, the Gigantes advanced to the league's "Super 6" semifinals. The team earned a lead in this phase and came close to receiving a guaranteed spot in the league's final by defeating the Cangrejeros de Santurce in the final stages of the "Super 6".[1] The Gigantes entered this series with only two games left for qualification.[2] However Santurce won the second game with score of 99-83.[3] Carolina eventually won the series and eliminated Santurce.[4] The Gigantes and the Capitanes were the teams that advanced to the finals.[5] The series extended to seven games, with both teams winning three games at home.[6] Arecibo won the seventh game with scores of 99-94.[7]


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