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Full nameGinásio Gigantinho
LocationPorto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
OwnerSport Club Internacional
OpenedNovember 4, 1973

The Gigantinho ("Little Giant" in Portuguese) is a sports arena in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The sixth largest arena in the country, it was opened on 4 November 1973. It is located in the riverside Beira-Rio complex of Sport Club Internacional, next to the "Gigante" ("Giant") stadium. Covering 7,200 square meters, the arena includes an indoor football pitch. The capacity of the gym is 12,864 people for games and 14,586 for concerts. Eleven cabins are set aside for the press. There are thirteen bathrooms (six women, six men and one for the disabled), six changing rooms, and eleven bars. The gym houses the Foundation for Education and Culture of SCI (FECI), where the library is located.

The Gigantinho has hosted numerous events and concerts, as well as the World Social Forum and the World Forum on Education.


Many concerts have been held at the arena during recent years, including:

Artist Date Tour
Evanescence April 17, 2007 The Open Door Tour
The Jackson Five September 17, 1974
Genesis May 10&11, 1977 Wind & Wuthering Tour
Van Halen January 28&29/Feb. 01, 1983 Hide Your Sheep Tour
Echo & the Bunnymen May 9, 1987
New Order November 28, 1988
Jethro Tull August 2, 1988 20th Anniversary Tour
Jethro Tull September 8, 1990 Rock Island Tour
Eric Clapton October 16, 1990 Journeyman World Tour
A-ha June 7, 1990 East Of The Sun West Of The Moon Tour
Bob Dylan August 14, 1991 Never Ending Tour 1991
Faith no More September 27, 1991 The Real Thing Tour
Roxette May 6, 1992 Join the Joyride! Tour
Iron Maiden August 4, 1992 Fear of the Dark Tour
Red Hot Chili Peppers October 14, 2002 By the Way World Tour
Deep Purple September 18, 2003 Bananas Tour
Deep Purple November 25, 2006 Rapture Of The Deep Tour
RBD October 3,4, 2006 Tour Generación RBD
RBD April 27, 2007 Tour Celestial
Iron Maiden March 5, 2008 Somewhere Back in Time World Tour
Green Day October 13, 2010 21st Century Breakdown World Tour
Jonas Brothers November 10, 2010 Jonas Brothers Live in Concert World Tour
Ringo Starr November 10, 2010 11th All Star Band Tour
Linkin Park October 12, 2012 Living Things World Tour
Robert Plant October 29, 2012 The Sensational Space Shifters Tour
KISS November 14, 2012 Monster Tour

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