Gijón Mariners

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Gijón Mariners
Team helmet
Team logo
Established 2001
Based in Gijón  Spain
Home stadium Las Mestas
Head coach Jesús Sánchez Mexico
General manager Iván Chao Ballesteros Spain
League LNFA
Division Serie B
League titles 1 Serie C
Current uniform
Left arm Body Right arm
Left arm Body Right arm
Players at a home game

Gijón Mariners is an American football team based in Gijón, Asturias (Spain).


The team was established in 2001 by a group of players of flag football at the beach. They joined the Spanish league for the 2006 season, and got included on the Western Conference of the LNFA 2. They played their first game ever on that competition February 19, 2006, against Zaragoza Hurricanes with a score against of 60-6. On their second season, again in the LNFA 2, they qualified for the play-offs and only lost on the last round (semi-finals) for the championship bowl.

The success of the merchandise finally made it possible to reach the top competition, the LNFA, on the 2008 season. They finished with a 4-4 (Won-Lost) record, the best ever for a rookie team on the league's history.


Season Tier League Pos. RS PO Cup
2006 2 LNFA 2 0–0–6
2007 2 LNFA 2 3–1–3 1–1
2008 1 LNFA 5 4–0–4 Quarterfinalist
2009 1 LNFA 5 4–0–5 0–1
2010 1 LNFA 5 0–0–8
2011 1 LNFA 5 1–0–7
2012 2 LNFA 3 4–1–3
2013 2 LNFA 1 7–1–0 1–1
2014 2 Serie B 3 4–4 0–1
2015 3 Serie C 1 6–0 3–0
2016 2 Serie B 2 3–3 1–1
2017 2 Serie B 3 4–4
2018 1 Serie A


International agreements[edit]

In 2012 Gijón Mariners reached an agreement with Pumas Dorados de la UNAM to exchange players and coaches from both clubs, as well as to share guidelines and training plans.

Featured players[edit]

Ring of Fame[edit]

  • Mexico Mauricio Diago Jaworski, ex-player of Borregos Salvajes (ITESM), Campus Estado de México (ONEFA), Rivas Osos (LNFA) and Pieles Rojas (LNM (es)).
  • Mexico Jesús E. Sánchez, ex-player of Pumas UNAM CU (ONEFA) and Rivas Osos (LNFA).
  • Austria Alex Stolz, ex-player of Tirol Raiders (AFL).
  • Spain Sergi Güibas, ex-player of Borregos Salvajes, Campus Toluca (ONEFA) and Badalona Dracs (LNFA).
  • Mexico David Lozano, ex-player of Centinelas CGP (ONEFA) and Palermo Corsari (IFL).
  • Mexico Marco Antonio Pacheco Patraca, ex-player of Centinelas CGP (ONEFA) and Troyanos (LNM (es)).

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