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GikII is a series of European workshops on the intersections between law, technology and popular culture.[1][2] It is hosted at a different institution every year.[3] The first conference was in 2006 and was held in Edinburgh, and was organised by Lilian Edwards and Andres Guadamuz.[4]

The conference has been held in several European universities and institutions, including UCL, Oxford, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Humboldt Institute in Berlin, and Sussex.

The conference deals with what the organisers describe as "geek law", studying the intersection of law, regulation, popular culture and technology. The covered topics include artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, virtual worlds, games, tattoos, 3D printing, fan fiction, digital privacy, avatar rights, augmented reality, and robots.


The Call for Papers of the first workshop gave the following explanation:[5]

Geeks are the people who contribute to this knowledge: fellow travellers on the digital omnibus, who delight in finding, publishing, inventing and sharing nuggets of joyful knowledge and innovation from the worlds of technology, science, popular culture, and technotrivia. LIIs are Legal Information Institutes: invaluable on-line temples of legal knowledge. The patriarch of the field is AustLII, but the concept has spread through the world bringing us BAILII, PacLII, CommonLII, and no doubt, many more bad puns to come.

GikII proposes to be the place where these worlds, institutions and players will come together for the first time at a major law and technology conference.


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