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Gil Moore
Birth nameGil Moore
Born (1953-10-04) October 4, 1953 (age 65)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter, producer
Years active1975–present
Associated actsTriumph

Gil Moore (born October 4, 1953) is a Canadian musician. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Moore was the drummer and vocalist (sharing vocal duties with guitarist/vocalist Rik Emmett) of the Canadian power trio, Triumph. Before Gil was in Triumph he was in a band called Sherman & Peabody which also featured Buzz Shearman of Moxy and Greg Godovitz of Goddo.

He co-wrote and contributed lead vocals to a significant number of Triumph songs and also performed this function live. While Emmett's vocals and songwriting tended toward the more melodic side of Triumph, Moore's vocal and writing style was more blues/hard rock oriented, although on the original line-ups last two albums, Moore also began writing and singing lead on a number of softer, ballad-style songs.

Gil Moore is the owner of Canada's biggest recording studio Metalworks Studios, located in Mississauga, Ontario. The studio has been around for over 30 years and has recorded acts such as Drake, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, Jonas Brothers and many more. On October 3, 2002 Gil Moore was presented with the Business and the Arts Award from the Mississauga Board of Trade in recognition of ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Arts Community of Mississauga’.[1]

In addition to the studio, Gil Moore is the founder of Metalworks Institute for Sound and Music Production (also located in Mississauga). The school has one and two year programs that include Audio Production, Live Sound, Entertainment Business Management and Music Performance & Technology.

Gil plays Tama drums and Zildjian cymbals.

He has two daughters, Lauren Moore and Holly Moore, and a son, Myles Moore.

Awards and accolades[edit]

Triumph’s fourteen albums have received 25 Gold and Platinum certifications from CRIA and RIAA in Canada and the United States. Triumph were inducted into the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame (2007) [2] as well as the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (2008). Recently, the City of Mississauga named ‘Triumph Lane’ after the band (2011).[3] The following year, Gil was inducted into the Mississauga Music Walk of Fame [4] and Mississauga Legends Row inducted Triumph (2013).[5] In 2011, Triumph’s music and business archives were donated to the University of Toronto Libraries.[6] In 2019, Triumph were named Legends Of Live at the 2019 Live Music Industry Awards at Canadian Music Week [7] and they were inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame[8].

Metalworks Studios are Canada’s most celebrated music studios with nearly 200 Gold and Platinum record awards, and recently won the Canadian Music Week (CMW) "Studio of the Year" award (2015) for a record 17th time. Metalworks Institute enjoys that largest enrollment of any Ontario media arts college, with over 300 full-time students and Metalworks Institute received the inaugural Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Award for Music School of the Year (2016).[9] Metalworks Group collectively received the Ontario Business Achievement SME Excellence Award (2013).[10] More recently Metalworks Production Group received the Sam McCallion Community Involvement Award (2014).[11]

Currently, Gil volunteers his time as a member of the Advisory Board of Music Canada and Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA). Gil is a recipient of the Mississauga Arts Council, Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts, MARTY Award (2015)[12] and the Mississauga Board of Trade, Lifetime Achievement Award (2016).[13]


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