Gila River Valley

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The Gila River Valley is a multi-sectioned valley of the Gila River, mostly in Arizona. The Gila River forms in western New Mexico and flows west across southern-eastern, south-central, and southwestern Arizona; it changes directions across the state, and defines specific areas and valleys. The central portion of the river flows on the southern Phoenix valley region-(where Phoenix, in the Salt River Valley joins the Gila River Valley), and the final sections in southwestern Arizona form agricultural, irrigated smaller valleys within the Gila River valley, (for example Dome Valley, Mohawk Valley, and Hyder Valley).

Two mountain ranges are named for the Gila River: the Gila Mountains (Graham County) bordering the Gila River valley, northeast of Safford; the Gila Mountains (Yuma County) border the Gila River valley before the Gila River joins its confluence with the Colorado River; that range is east of Yuma and the Fortuna Foothills.