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Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.
Industry Telecommunication
Founded 1987; 30 years ago (1987)
Founder Amiram Levinberg
Joshua Levinberg
Yoel Gat
Headquarters Petah Tikva, Israel
Key people
Dov Baharav (CEO)
Services Satellite communication
Revenue Steady US$235.1 million (2014)
Decrease US$–5.0 million (2014)
Profit Increase US$13.1 million (2014)
Divisions Gilat Network Solutions
Gilat Network Operations
Subsidiaries Wavestream Corporation
Footnotes / references

Gilat Satellite Networks is a public company headquartered in Israel[3] that develops and sells VSAT satellite ground stations and related equipment. Its shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market and on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


Gilat Satellite Networks was founded in 1987 by brothers Joshua and Amiram Levinberg, Yoel Gat, Shlomo Tirosh, Arik Keshet, and Gideon Kaplan.[4] In its early days, Gilat struggled to compete with larger and better-established companies the likes of EchoStar.[5]

In 1998, Gilat was involved in founding Global Village Telecom (GVT), a company that build a satellite-based phone network for remote locations in South America using the VSAT technology that was developed by Gilat. During 1998 and 1999 GVT won tenders to build rural phone networks in Colombia,[6] Chile and Peru[7]

In 2000, Gilat introduced an innovation involving VSAT technology allowing remote locations, such as the Havasupai Reservation in Arizona and rural communities in Brazil, to access the internet at high speeds.[8][9] In February 2000, Gilat and Microsoft announced that they are co-developing a two-way satellite broadband service for consumer purposes. The satellite service delivered Internet connections at speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and did not require a second telephone line. A new company, Gilat-To-Home, was established to deliver the broadband two-way satellite service and Microsoft took an initial 26 percent stake in the company with an investment of US$50 million.[10] In September 2000, Gilat-To-Home changed its name to StarBand Communications and received an investment of $50 million from EchoStar, who received an equity stake of 32 percent in StarBand.[11]

In 2011, Gilat announced the creation of a new division, headed by Brigadier General (Res.) Moshe Tamir, expanding its presence in the U.S. defense market.[12]

Strategic acquisitions[edit]

Company Year Price Reference
US$225 million
RaySat Antenna Systems
US$25 million
US$130 million


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