Gilbert Bain Hospital

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Gilbert Bain Hospital
NHS Shetland
Location Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland
Care system NHS Scotland
Hospital type Rural General
Emergency department Yes
Beds 76
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The Gilbert Bain Hospital is a rural general hospital in the burgh of Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland. Specialist services are based at the hospital, which is run by NHS Shetland. The hospital has consultant-led general medical and general surgical services, a rehabilitation ward and a general practitioner and midwife-led maternity unit.

In February 2014 the board decided to fund additional consultant physician and anaesthetist posts.[1]

Other specialities are provided by visiting consultants from NHS Grampian.

The current hospital complex was built on the site of the former infectious diseases hospital, and with the first phase opening in 1961 and taking over from the former Gilbert Bain Hospital.[2]

Ancillary services include a laboratory and a modern radiology department. A CT scanner was installed in 2007.[3] There is also a Medical Physics department, responsible for maintaining the wide variety of medical equipment, in use, throughout NHS Shetland.

In 2008 refurbishment of a ward in the Gilbert Bain building provided new accommodation for up to 16 long-stay patients.[4] Following the refurbishment this ward filled with patients who moved across from the Montfield Hospital.

The hospital has approximately 136 births per year and It has full accreditation as baby friendly, since January 2003.[5]


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