Gilbert Bostsarron

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Gilbert Bostsarron
Born 31 August 1903
Saint-Galmier, Loire
Died 20 January 1944

Gilbert Auguste Bostsarron was born in 1903 in Saint-Galmier, Loire. He was educated as an engineer at the École de la Métallurgie et des Mines in Nancy. In 1927 he joined the engineering company Société Franco-Belge (Raismes), in 1934 he became a chief officer of the company, and in 1938 its deputy Director. In 1940 he became responsible for the management of the company after its director had fled to Canada.[1]

In 1941 he became a member of the French Resistance, with nom-de-guerre Claude. He contributed to the underground publication La Voix du Nord, and joined the Libération-Nord resistance movement, taking advantage as his position as director of the Société franco-belge to pass information whilst on business trips to Lille and Paris, and arrange the aerial bombing of the workshops of the franco-belge when a German locomotive was being serviced there.[1]

In 1943 German counter intelligence located a radio transmitter of his resistance network, and twenty members of the network were arrested, including Bostarron. After a secret trial by the special tribunal of the 65 Corps of German Army he was shot at Fort Bondues (fr) (Bondues) on 20 January 1944. [1]


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