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Diagram of NSWGR Sleeping Car 8, built in 1880 by Gilbert Bush & Co.

Gilbert Car Company was a railroad car builder based in Troy, New York.[1] It began manufacturing streetcars in the late 1880s.

Founded by Orsamus Eaton (1792-1872) and Uri Gilbert (1809-1888), the company changed names several times as the partnership changed:

  • 1830 Eaton and Gilbert
  • 1844 Eaton, Gilbert & Co
  • 1862 Uri Gilbert and Son
  • 1864 Gilbert, Bush & Company
  • 1879 Gilbert & Bush Co
  • 1882 Gilbert Car Manufacturing Co
  • 1889 Taylor Electric Truck Company

Following the Panic of 1893, the company stopped building rail cars in 1895.[1]


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