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Gilbertus Jacchaeus (Leiden, 1614)

Gilbert Jack (Latinized: Jachaeus, Jacchaeus; c. 1578 – 1628) was a Scottish Aristotelian philosopher.


He was born in Aberdeen, and studied at Marischal College under Robert Howie. In 1598 he went to the University of Helmstedt.[1][2]

He was professor, later of physics, at the University of Leiden, from 1605.[3] He was dismissed in 1619, suspected of sympathy with the Remonstrants;[4] he was reinstated in 1623.[1]

In 1626 he held the funeral oration for his deceased colleague Willebrord Snellius.

His students included Franck Burgersdijk and Adolph Vorstius.[5]


  • Institutiones Physicae (1614)
  • Primae Philosophiae Institutiones (1616)
  • Institutiones Medicae (1624)

The Institutiones Physicae is in nine books, and accepts the occult influence of the heavens.[6]


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