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Arms of Sir Gilbert Talbot, KG

Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton, KG (1452 – 16 August 1517 or 19 September 1518) was an English Tudor knight, a younger son of John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury and 2nd Earl of Waterford, and Elizabeth Butler.


He was a soldier, Knight of the Order of the Garter in 1495 and Lord Deputy of Calais in 1509, where he continued in a joint appointment with Richard Wingfield.[1]

Talbot supported Henry Tudor at Bosworth, where he commanded the right wing. He was given the Grafton estates in Worcestershire after Sir Humphrey Stafford was executed in 1486 for his part in the Stafford and Lovell Rebellion.[2] Talbot was also given the honorary position of keeper of Feckenham Forest in 1492.[3]

First marriage and issue[edit]

He married firstly Elizabeth Greystoke, daughter of Ralph de Greystoke, 5th Baron Greystoke and 7th Baron Boteler of Wem, and had three children:

  • Sir Humphrey Talbot, who died in the Holy Land
  • Sir Gilbert Talbot of Grafton, Worcestershire (died 22 October 1542), married Anne Paston, daughter of Sir William Paston (died 1496) and Lady Anne Beaufort, daughter of Edmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of Somerset and Eleanor Beauchamp, and had three daughters:
    • Elizabeth Talbot, who married Sir John Littelton, son of Sir William Littelton and his second wife, Mary Whittington, daughter of William Whittington, by whom he had seven sons and two daughters.[4]
    • Margaret Talbot
    • Mary Talbot, who married Sir Thomas Astley of Patshull, and had two sons [5]
  • Eleanor Talbot, wife of Geoffrey Dudley, younger son of Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley and Cecily Willoughby, ancestors of the Dudleys of Russell's Hall

Second marriage and issue[edit]

He married secondly Etheldreda, called Audrey, Cotton, daughter of William Landwade Cotton of Landwade, Cambridgeshire, and had one child:

  • Sir John Talbot of Albrighton, Shropshire (1485 - 22 October 1542 or 10 September 1549), married firstly Margaret Troutbeck, daughter of Adam Troutbeck of Mobberley, Chester, and had three sons and five daughters; he married secondly Elizabeth Wrottesley (died 10 May 1558), daughter of Walter Wrottesley of Wrottesley Hall, Staffordshire (died 1563), and Elizabeth Harcourt and had four sons and four daughters:
  • By the first marriage:
    • Sir John Talbot of Grafton, Worcestershire, and of Albrighton, Shropshire (died 6 June 1555), married Frances Gifford or Giffard, daughter of Sir John Gifford or Giffard, and had one son:
      • Sir John Talbot of Grafton, married Catherine or Katharine Petre, daughter of Sir William Petre, and had issue
    • Anne Talbot (born 1515), married Thomas Needham (born 1510)
    • Dorothy Talbot, married John Skyrmshire of Norbury, Cheshire (died 1569), and had issue
  • By the second marriage:
    • Sir John Talbot of Salwarpe, Worcestershire (died 9 December 1581), married 13 September 1574 Olive Sherrington, daughter of Sir Henry Sherrington of Lacock, Wiltshire, and had four children:
      • Sherrington Talbot of Salwarpe, Worcestershire (died c. 1642), married firstly Elizabeth Leighton, daughter of Sir Thomas Leighton of Feckenham, Worcestershire, Governor of Jersey and Governor of Guernsey, and Elizabeth Knollys (born 1549), and had two sons, and married secondly Mary Washbourne, daughter of John Washbourne of Wichinford, Worcestershire, and had two sons:
      • Thomas Talbot of Worvill, Shropshire, married Magdalen Wyvill, daughter of Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, and had one son:
        • Robert Talbot of Worvill, Shropshire, married Anne Sheldon, daughter of William Sheldon of Broadway, Worcestershire, and had three sons:
          • George Talbot
          • Thomas Talbot of Worvill, Shropshire
          • Gilbert Talbot
      • John Talbot of Badgworth, Somerset (born between 1575–1581), married Mary Trimnel, daughter of Thomas Trimnel of Okeley, Worcestershire, and had one son:
        • John Talbot of Okeley, Worcestershire (born aft. 1591)


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