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Gilcrease Expressway
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length10.5 mi[1] (16.9 km)
SH-11 (US-75 to I-244)
Major junctions
CCW end I-44 / I-244 in Tulsa
  US-64 / US-412 / SH-51 near Sand Springs (future)

L.L. Tisdale Parkway in Tulsa

US-75 / SH-11 in Tulsa
CW end I-244 / US-412 in Tulsa
Highway system
Oklahoma State Highway System

The Gilcrease Expressway is a highway in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, United States. It is part of the county's long-term plan to complete an outer highway loop around Tulsa's central business district. The highway will connect Interstate 44 in West Tulsa to Interstate 244 near the Tulsa International Airport.

Route description[edit]

Currently, the portion of freeway open to traffic is the section between North 41st West Avenue and Interstate 244. From US-75 to I-244/US-412, the Gilcrease carries the easternmost part of State Highway 11. The currently existing freeway serves Tulsa International Airport and surrounding areas.

Additionally, the Gilcrease Expressway Extension has been constructed. It is a one-mile (1.6 km) stretch of two-lane road. The extension currently runs from W. 51st St. to W. 41st St. South at the 5600 block in West Tulsa. The Extension connects the community of Berryhill and the recent developments along W. 41st St. South to Interstate 44.


The next portion of the Gilcrease Expressway to be constructed is the segment between North 41st W Ave. and Edison Street in West Tulsa. Although, the section between 41st W Ave and Edison Street is named 31st st N, 53rd West Avenue, Newston Street and 57th West Avenue.[2]

Many homes have been removed along S. 57th West Ave. between W. 26th St. and W. 21st St. Plans include construction of a bridge over the Arkansas River, connecting Sand Springs and Berryhill.

$88 million of a $918.7 million tax increase will be put forward to the expressway's extension.[3]

This is proposed to be Oklahoma State Highway 12.

Proposed turnpike[edit]

In 2010, the Oklahoma Legislature authorized the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to study the construction of a turnpike to complete the Gilcrease Expressway. The cost of the turnpike was estimated at $373 million for the final 6.7 miles (10.8 km) of the expressway.[4]

On October 29, 2015, Governor Mary Fallin announced Driving Forward, a $892 million turnpike package. A five-mile (8.0 km) tolled extension of the Gilcrease Expressway was included in the package.[5] The project is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2016.[6]

Exit list[edit]

Mile markers reset between gap in route. The entire route is in Tulsa County. All exits are unnumbered.

Oakhurst0.000.00 I-44 / SH-66 – Joplin, Sapulpa, Oklahoma CityCounterclockwise terminus; proposed south end of tolled section;[5] expressway continues as I-44/SH-66 east
0.71.151st StreetAt-grade intersection; temporary north end of limited-access section; proposed interchange[5]
1.93.141st Street SouthAt-grade intersection; proposed interchange;[5] temporary north end of counterclockwise section
21st Street SouthProposed interchange[5]
US-64 / US-412 / SH-51Proposed north end of tollway[5]
Edison StreetTemporary north end of proposed counterclockwise extension;[5] road to continue north into Tulsa as 57th West Avenue
Sections linked by 57th West Avenue, Newton Street, 53rd West Avenue, and 31st Street North
Tulsa0.00.041st West AvenueTemporary west end of clockwise section; road continues west as 31st Street North
2.23.5L.L. Tisdale ParkwayDowntown Tulsa, Gilcrease MuseumAt-grade intersection; west end of limited-access section
3.55.6Peoria Avenue / Mohawk Boulevard
4.47.1Lewis Avenue
5.08.0 SH-11 west / US-75 – Okmulgee, Downtown Tulsa, BartlesvilleWestern terminus of SH-11 concurrency
5.69.0Harvard Avenue
6.510.5Yale Avenue
7.512.1Apache Street / Sheridan Road – Tulsa ZooSigned solely as Sheridan Rd. westbound
8.513.7Virgin Street – Airport TerminalSigned solely as Airport Terminal eastbound
9.114.6Memorial Drive
Pine Street
Eastbound signage
Westbound signage
SH-11 ends / I-244 / US-412 to US-169 – Joplin, DowntownClockwise terminus of Gilcrease Expwy.; eastern terminus of SH-11 concurrency; eastern terminus of SH-11
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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Route map:

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