Gilera DNA

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Gilera DNA
Gilera DNA 180 side view.jpg
DNA 180
Manufacturer Gilera
Production Discontinued
Class Motorcycle/Scooter
sport moped (49.4 cc)
Engine 49.4 cc (2 stroke)
124.8 cc (4 stroke)
182 cc (4 stroke)
Transmission Automatic

L: 50: 1,920 mm

125 & 180: 1,890 mm
Fuel capacity

50: 9 litres

125 & 180: 10 litres
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The Gilera DNA is a motorcycle produced by Gilera from 1996 to 2009.

DNA 180, front view


The Gilera DNA is available in 50cc, 125cc, and 180cc variants. It features a continuously variable transmission along with an electronic start. The 50cc bike is limited to a top speed of 29 mph (47 km/h);[1] the 125cc is capable of 72 mph (116 km/h); and the 180cc bike has a maximum speed of 88 mph (142 km/h). The 50cc engine is a 2-stroke, while the 125cc and 180cc models are 4-stroke, all are single cylinder.

In 2005 Gilera released the 'RST' model which replaced the handlebars with a different design and featured a new colour scheme.[2] This model was discontinued by Gilera in 2009].[when?]

The 50cc bike was nominated for the "Machine of the Year" award by Motorcycle News in 2001.[3]


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