Giles of Lessines

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Giles of Lessines OP (died c. 1304) was a thirteenth-century Dominican scholastic philosopher, a pupil of Thomas Aquinas.[1] He was also strongly influenced by Albertus Magnus.[2] He was an early defender of Thomism.[3]

He is also known as an early scientist, and for economic theory, writing on usury[4] and market prices.[5]


Among the works authored by Giles are:

  • Commentarium in libros I et II Sententiarum
  • De concordia temporum
  • De essentia, motu et significatione cometarum
  • De geometria
  • Epistula Alberto Magno missa
  • Summa de temporibus
  • De unitate formae
  • De usuris
  • Quaestiones theologicae


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