Gilgamesh II

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Gilgamesh II was a four issue limited series released in 1989 by DC Comics. It was written and drawn by Jim Starlin and focused on the last survivor of a space faring race.

Issue 1 deals with an alien child arrives on Earth, alone, to grow up to become the most powerful being on the face of the planet...all the time believing he was unique. And then he discovers he's not alone after all. His name: Gilgamesh.
Issue 2 deals with Gilgamesh and another confronting The Nightshadow in Central America, to determine who or what it is.
Issue 3 Gilgamesh and Otto face a deadly robotic ninja... and only one of them will survive "Twilight Blood".
Issue 4 Gilgamesh's search for a way to bring Otto back to life takes him into the void where his search will either be rewarded... or he will find himself joining his departed friend.