Gilled Antelope

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The Gilled Antelope (or Gilled Deer), claimed under the classification of "Cetaformia anthalopus", is a false species. This species was rumored to be either an antelope or deer which had the capability to breathe underwater by use of a set of gills on its muzzle. Reports claiming the creature to be real state that the rare sightings occur in Cambodia.

The basis for this fictional species is an actual rare animal called the saola (Vu Quang Ox). This species has a large set of maxillary glands or sinuses situated just in front of its eyes. The external portion of the gland forms a rectangular depression along the upper muzzle approximately 9 centimeters in length. Covering this depression is a muscular flap which can be raised to expose the gland. The Vu Quang Ox is native mainly to Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Lao People's Democratic Republic, though it is not impossible that sightings in northeast Cambodia could have occurred.


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