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Gilles Loiselle, PC (born May 20, 1929 in Ville-Marie, Quebec) is a Canadian retired politician.

Loiselle was the correspondent for CBC News in Paris for a decade before being appointed the government of Quebec's agent-general in the United Kingdom in 1977.[1] He represented Quebec to the British government when the federal government of Canada was negotiating the Patriation of the Constitution of Canada from Britain in the 1980s.

Elected to the House of Commons of Canada in the 1988 federal election, Loiselle immediately joined the cabinet of Brian Mulroney due to his experience as a diplomat and senior civil servant. In 1990, he was elevated to the post of President of the Treasury Board and, in 1993, he served as Minister of Finance in the short-lived government of Kim Campbell.

Loiselle, a Progressive Conservative, was defeated in the 1993 election. The Tories were cut down to two seats, and Loiselle himself was held to third place.

Electoral record[edit]

1988 Canadian federal election: Langelier
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Progressive Conservative Gilles Loiselle 24,555 46.65
Liberal Marielle Guay-Migneault 14,843 28.20
New Democratic Pauline Gingras 10,586 20.11
Green Gilles Fontaine 1,931 3.67
Marxist–Leninist France Tremblay 402 0.76
Independent Alexandre Roy 319 0.61
Total valid votes 52,636 100.00
Total rejected ballots 1,270
Turnout 53,906 72.54
Electors on the lists 74,312
1993 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Bloc Québécois Christiane Gagnon 27,788 53.7
Liberal Jean Pelletier 13,965 27.0 -1.2
Progressive Conservative Gilles Loiselle 7,077 13.7 -33.0
New Democratic Majella Desmeules 1,067 2.1 -18.0
Natural Law Danielle Charland 883 1.7
Green Richard Domm 786 1.5 -2.1
Abolitionist Ernst Fernandez 158 0.3
Total valid votes 51,724 100.0


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25th Ministry – Cabinet of Kim Campbell
Cabinet post (1)
Predecessor Office Successor
Don Mazankowski Minister of Finance
Paul Martin
24th Ministry – Cabinet of Brian Mulroney
Cabinet post (1)
Predecessor Office Successor
Robert de Cotret President of the Treasury Board
Jim Edwards
Parliament of Canada
Preceded by
Michel Côté, Progressive Conservative
Member of Parliament for Langelier
Succeeded by
Christiane Gagnon, B.Q.