Gilles Tetreault

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Gilles Tetreault
BornMoose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
SubjectTrue Crime
Notable worksThe One Who Got Away

Gilles Tetreault is the original intended target of convicted murderer Mark Twitchell.[1]

Twitchell was convicted of first degree murder in 2011 for killing John Brian "Johnny" Altinger.[2] The criminal investigation and first-degree murder trial drew substantial media attention due to Twitchell's having taken inspiration from the fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan.[3]


In fall of 2008, computer company contractor Gilles Tetreault logged on to the dating website and met someone he believed to be a young woman named Sheena.[4] On October 3rd, Tertreault entered a garage in Edmonton expecting to pick Sheena up for a date. Instead he was attacked by a man wearing a hockey mask and wielding a stun baton. After a violent struggle, he escaped, but did not report the attack to police. One week later, Johnny Altinger was murdered after being lured to the same address and attacked in the same way.[5] Mark Twitchell, the man found guilty of Altinger’s murder, was an aspiring filmmaker and a fan of the hit TV show ‘Dexter’.[6] In his short film ‘House of Cards’, Twitchell wrote of a male killer luring a cheating husband on the pretense of a date with a woman, forcing personal information from him before stabbing and dismembering the man.[7] During their investigation, homicide detectives seized a diary written by Twitchell, and which prosecutors assert is a generally accurate representation of what happened to Mr. Altinger.[8]

Tetreault has been nicknamed ‘The One Who Got Away’ by several media outlets.[9][10][11]


  • The One Who Got Away: Escape From The Kill Room (2015). Triplicity Publishing. ISBN 978-0996899413

Media Appearances[edit]

Tetreault has made several media appearances related to his experience, including:

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