Gillette Mach3

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Gillette Mach3
TypeCartridge safety razor
InceptionJune 1998; 24 years ago (1998-06)
ManufacturerProcter & Gamble
Models made
  • Mach3
  • Mach3 Turbo
  • M3Power
  • Mach3 Sensitive
  • Mach3 Start[a]
  • Mach3 Disposable
  • Mach3 Body[b]

The Gillette Mach3 (/mækθr/,[2][3] /mɑːkθr/[4]) is a line of razors produced by Gillette.


Prior to the announcement, Gillette built plywood walls around the production lines in its factory in Boston, in order to keep it a secret from many of its own employees.[5] Gillette said its manufacturing plant was capable of producing 250 cartridges per minute.[6]

Trade secret theft[edit]

Steven Davis, a process controls engineer working for a Gillette subcontractor that designed the Mach3, stole information about the Mach3 and faxed it to Gillette's competitors, Warner-Lambert, Bic, and American Safety Razor.[7] Davis pleaded guilty to five counts of stealing Gillette's trade secrets in January 1998.[7] Davis was sentenced to 27 months in prison.[8] Davis said he committed the crime because he was angry at his boss.[8]

Announcement and introduction[edit]

Gillette announced the Mach3 razor on April 14, 1998,[9] following more than $750 million in R&D.[10]

Gillette budgeted $300 million for a two year advertising campaign for the Mach3 razor.[9][11] Gillette marketed the three blade design as allowing for a shave with less pressure to the skin and with fewer strokes, thereby reducing skin irritation. The Mach3 razor was released in North America during the last week of June 1998.[12] It was first sold in Europe in September 1998.[13]

The Gillette Mach3 cartridge attachment mechanism (top) and a blade cartridge (bottom).

Mach 3 system[edit]

The Mach 3 system is also used in razors offered by other producers like Truefitt & Hill, DR Harris, and Muhle.[citation needed]


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  2. ^ in Brazill the razor is known as Gillette Mach 3 Corpo in brazilian portuguese and in Latin America is known as Gillette Mach 3 Cuerpo in Spanish.[1]

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