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Gillian Bailey or Gilli Bush-Bailey (born 14 June 1955 in Wimbledon, London) is a British academic and former actress.

She was mainly known as a child actor. Her best-known role was as Billie in Here Come the Double Deckers (1970–71). Other roles included Phyllis in a television version of The Railway Children (1968), Janey in The Witch's Daughter (1971), and Callie in Follyfoot (1971–73).[1]

She was less prominent as an adult, although she remained working being cast in roles such as Jinny Carter in series 1 of Poldark (1975), Ravella in the first episode of Blake's 7 (1978), and Maureen Galbraith in the BBC TV series County Hall (1982). In the 1990s she found that work dried up and began working as a script reader. In 1992 she returned to complete her education at Kingston University. She is currently head of the Drama and Theatre department at the Royal Holloway, University of London.[2]

She married Richard Everett in 1974, and the couple had a daughter, Rebecca.[3] Bailey and Jacky Bratton live in West Sussex[citation needed].


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