Gillikin Country

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Gillikin Country
Map of Oz, with Gillikin Country in the north
The Oz series location
Creator L. Frank Baum
Genre Children's books
Type Fairy country
Notable locations Forest of the Winged Monkeys, Forest of Gugu, Palace of the Good Witch of the North, Loonville, Pumperdink
Notable characters Jellia Jamb, Mombi, Gayelette, Mrs. Yoop, Kabumpo

The Gillikin Country is the northern division of L. Frank Baum's fictional land of Oz. It is distinguished by the color purple worn by most of the local inhabitants as well as the color of their surroundings. The inhabitants of Gillikin Country are called Gillikins.

Elements in Gillikin Country[edit]

Like all of the countries of Oz, the Gillikin Country contains various unusual sights and places. Among them are:

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz[edit]

Note: The Gillikin Country is the only province of Oz not mentioned by name or visited by the characters in this particular book. The following locations are merely referenced by various characters through the story.

  • The Forest of the Winged Monkeys - A forest that is home to the Winged Monkeys that obey whoever wears the enchanted Golden Cap.
  • The Palace of the Good Witch of the North - It never actually mentioned, but assumed to exist because the Good Witch of the North rules this particular province.
  • The Ruby Palace of Gayelette -

The Marvelous Land of Oz[edit]

The Tin Woodman of Oz[edit]

  • Loonville - A village whose balloon-like inhabitants called Loons warn strangers to stay away from their clearing (the Loons can also become too puffed-up).
  • Yoop Castle - A castle where a female giant Yookoohoo lived and ruled her valley.
  • Dragons - A group of Dragons living beneath the Earth's surface. They are allowed to come out once every 100 years in search of food.

The Magic of Oz[edit]

  • Magic Isle - An islet containing powerful and dangerous magical energies which is located in the remote corner of Gillikin Country.

Glinda of Oz[edit]

  • Giant Purple Spiders - A race of spiders that catch travelers in their webs and make them their servants.
  • Mist Maidens - A race of fairies who live in a fog bank.
  • Flatheads - A race of people living on a mountaintop whose heads are flat and, until the end of the book, must carry their brains in a can in their pockets.
  • Skeezers - A race of anatomically normal humans that was once friends and now rivals of the Flatheads. They live within a glass city in the middle of a lake.
  • Reera the Red - A Yookoohoo preferring her privacy who specializes in transformations.

Kabumpo in Oz[edit]

  • Pumperdink - An elaborate fairy tale kingdom known for dipping its criminals in ink. Ruled by King Pompus and Queen Pozy Pink. Kabumpo the elegant Elephant is their most famous counselor. Prince Pompadore is King Pompus and Queen Pozy Pink's son.

The Lost King of Oz[edit]

  • Hoopers - A race of 10 ft. tall humanoids that reside in the Purple Forests. They can roll themselves into hoops by grabbing their toes with their hands.
  • Kimbaloo - Ruled by King Kinda Jolly and Queen Rosa Merry. Its economy is based on buttons harvested from trees.[1]
  • Scooters - A race of people who live on the waters of the Gillikin River. They have long boat-like feet and have sails growing from their wrists to their ribs.

The Giant Horse of Oz[edit]

  • Up Town - The proclaimed the capital city of the Gillikin Country after the abandonment of post by the Good Witch of the North. It is inhabited by the Uplanders (a type of Gillikin that dress like the Scottish people). It is ruled by Joe King and Queen Hyacinth, who are famous for their horse High Boy (a large, purple animal with telescoping legs).

The Hidden Valley of Oz[edit]

The Purple Prince of Oz[edit]

  • Regalia - The sister city to Pumperdink which is the home of Prince Randy.

Yankee in Oz[edit]

  • Upandup Mountain - The home of Badmannah.
  • The Village of the Lanternesians -
  • Dinker's Shop of Smokables -

Dorothy of Oz[edit]

  • Candy County - A county where lollipops grow out of the ground, the fields are like cake crumbs, the clouds are like cotton candy, and its inhabitants are made out of candy (like candy apples, marshmallows, etc.). It is illegal to pick the lollipops or eat anything made of candy. Candy County is ruled by the Great Royal Marshmallow.
  • Talking Trees - A group of trees that talk which reside on the banks of the Munchkin River. They donate their limbs so that Dorothy and her group can make a large boat that talks (who is later named Tugg).
  • Purplefield - A small village of small people and purple flowers. The Wicked Witch of the West cast a spell that caused Purplefield to disappear and a maze run by a Gamekeeper to appear in its place where anyone who doesn't make it out of the maze in 24 Hours vanishes forever. Purplefield was restored when Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion made it out of the maze.

Appearances in Modern Works[edit]

In Gregory Maguire's revisionist Oz novels Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West and Son of a Witch, the Gillikin Country is simply called 'Gillikin'. It is portrayed as more prosperous and industrially developed than other regions of Oz, and is home of Shiz University. Galinda (i.e. Glinda) hails from Gillikin, as do (according to some) the ruling Ozma family. The people of this province are referred to as 'Gillikinese', and are distinguishable by their prominent foreheads and slightly gapped front teeth. They often have heads of curling blond hair, and are believed to be temperamental by non-Gillikinese.

Much of both of Edward Einhorn's modern Oz novels, Paradox in Oz and The Living House of Oz, are set in Gillikin County, specifically in the kingdom of Tonsoria, homes to Princesses Ayala and Talia, and in Absurd City, home of the Parrot-Ox.