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Gillmor Gang
A Gillmor Gang Podcast. Taken during a live show at Gnomedex 6.0
Live at Gnomedex 6.0 in 2006. From left to right are Steve Gillmor, Doug Kaye, Michael Arrington, Ryan Montoya and Dan Farber
Hosted bySteve Gillmor
GenreInformation technology
Original release2005 – [needs update]
WebsiteGillmor Gang at ITConversations
Gillmor Gang at Podshow
The Gang
Gillmor Gang at TechCrunch(2013-04-25)
Gillmor Gang at TechCrunch
Gillmor Gang at building43's Real Time Network
Gillmor Gang at Ooyala

The Gillmor Gang is a podcast about information technology run by Steve Gillmor,[1] a former contributing editor at ZDNet.


It was originally hosted on From May 2005 until November 2006, it was hosted by Podshow. The show then ended[2] until being resurrected in November 2007 as the Gang. In April 2008, the name Gillmor Gang was restored and the show began to be hosted at TechCrunch. In Spring 2009, it switched over to Leo Laporte's, airing at 3 p.m. on Saturdays. However, on June 6, 2009, Michael Arrington accused Leo Laporte of giving the Palm Pre a good review in return for accepting a 5-day evaluation unit, which Laporte interpreted as an attack on his journalistic integrity subsequently causing Laporte to storm off the air. Later that same day, Michael Arrington and Leo Laporte apologized to each other. After much discussion between Steve Gillmor, Leo Laporte, Michael Arrington and Robert Scoble, it was decided that the Gillmor Gang would no longer appear on the TWiT network due to the "hostile" nature of the show which Laporte didn't agree with.[3] Laporte later confirmed on the pre-show of the June 9, 2009 recording of Net@Nite that future shows of the Gillmor Gang would not air on the TWiT Netcast Network.

On June 14, 2009 during TWiT Live, Leo Laporte stated that Steve Gillmor would no longer be producing the Gillmor Gang due to a lack of time.[citation needed]

On August 22, 2009, it was announced that building43's Real Time Network would be hosting the Gillmor Gang at 1 p.m. Pacific time on Thursdays.[4]

In mid-January 2010,[citation needed] the temporary RSS feed "Bootleg Gillmor Gang" which had hosted full and uncut versions of the show ended its stream. This feed sprang into existence when the Gillmor Gang disappeared off of the TWiT network.

The show is currently (2014) hosted on TechCrunch.[5]


Regular guests of the podcast have included:

Notable guests of the podcasts have included:

  • David Treadwell of Microsoft [6]


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