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The Gilman Paper Company was a paper producer that was started in the 1880s by Isaac Gilman in Gilman, Vermont. In the 1940s his son Charles Gilman built an additional mill in St. Mary's, Georgia. The company was capable of producing 2.6 million pounds of paper per day, employed 1,100 workers and 1,500 independent contractors, with an office in at 111 West 50th Street, New York. At the death of Charles Gilman in 1967, the company was run by his two sons, Charles (Chris) Gilman Jr and Howard Gilman. During this period the photography collection was started by Chris's wife Sondra Gilman, with the support of Chris and Howard. At the death of Charles Jr, in January 1982, Howard bought the balance of the company from Charles's estate and both Gilman Paper and Sondra Gilman continued to collect photographs. Howard Gilman died of a heart attack at his White Oak Plantation in Yulee, Florida in 1998. The paper mill was subsequently sold to Durango Products of Mexico. In 2002, Durango entered into bankruptcy, and the paper mill was shut down in September, 2002.