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Gilroy Catholic College
Castle Hill, NSW
Australia Australia
Type Roman Catholic co-educational, Private, Secondary, Day School
Motto "Christ is my light"
Established 1980
Principal Cheryl Merryweather
Grades 7–12
Enrolment 1200
Colour(s) Blue and Gold         
Affiliations Roman Catholic, Cardinal Norman Thomas Gilroy

Gilroy Catholic College is a co-educational Roman Catholic secondary school for students from Year 7 through Year 12 located in Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia, a suburb of Sydney.


Gilroy Catholic College was founded in 1980 with 12 staff members and 137 students enrolled in Year 7. The college was founded on the back of strong parish and local support for a Catholic co-educational secondary school. The college was built on the land formerly belonging to St Gabriel's School for the Hearing Impaired, thus making use of existing buildings.

The school was originally intended for students from Year 7 to Year 10. However, in 1982 it was decided that Gilroy would also include students from Year 11 and Year 12.

The school, with continuing support from the CEO and St Gabriel's School for the Hearing Impaired, hosts a learning support centre for secondary students with hearing impairment.

The school's feeder schools originally consisted of St Michael's (Baulkham Hills), Our Lady Of Lourdes (Baulkham Hills South), St Bernadette's (Castle Hill) and Our Lady of the Rosary (Kellyville).

Norman Gilroy[edit]

Gilroy Catholic College was named after Cardinal Sir Norman Thomas Gilroy, the first cardinal born in Australia. As well as adopting his name, the college also made Cardinal Gilroy's personal motto, "Christ is my light", its official motto.

In 2004, Gilroy Catholic College celebrated its Silver Jubilee (25th anniversary) as a school and a community.

Each year, the college celebrates its patron with a formal Gilroy Day Mass in the morning, while also including celebration activities during the afternoon. This was changed from 17 March, the anniversary of Cardinal Gilroy's elevation to becoming a bishop, to 4 May, the day on which the school was officially opened.

Faith and Religion in the college[edit]

Gilroy Catholic College offers a number of opportunities for students to engage in Catholicism and further explore their faith. The school offers multiple liturgies for special religious events and each grade is provided with a reflection day on an annual basis to reflect on their faith over the year.

Gilroy Catholic College offers a robust religious education program that incorporates creative learning with faithful exploration. Gilroy Catholic College has previously worked with multiple organizations to assist with charity events, and the school focuses on a specific value each year.

Government funding[edit]

On 9 February 2008, The Sydney Morning Herald revealed that Greens analysis of government figures showed that, over four years, Gilroy received $12.2 million more in federal government funding than it is entitled to under the socioeconomic status (SES) formula.[1][vague]

School Technology[edit]

Gilroy Catholic College uses a number of technology mediums. Year 7-9 students work with iPads, and Year 10-12 students work with Apple Macbooks. Gilroy Catholic College changed to a "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) policy in 2013.

Gilroy Catholic College uses a number of Learning Management Systems including Google Classroom for students from Year 7-12.

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