Gim Jil

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Gim Jil
Right State Councillor
In office
27 September 1474 – 2 August 1475
Preceded bySeong Bong-jo
Succeeded byYun Sa-heung
In office
4 August 1468 – 3 January 1469
Preceded byGang Sun
Succeeded byYun Sa-bun
Left State Councillor
In office
20 December 1468 – 23 March 1469
Preceded byPark Won-hyeong
Succeeded byHong Yun-seong
Personal details
Hanseong, Joseon
(currently Seoul, South Korea)
Died24 February 1478(1478-02-24) (aged 55–56)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationGim Jil
McCune–ReischauerKim Chil
Art name
Revised RomanizationSsanggok
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationGaan

Gim Jil (Korean김질; Hanja金礩; 1422 – 24 February 1478), also often spelled Kim Chil, was a scholar-official of the early Joseon Dynasty. He is remembered today primarily for his participation in, and betrayal of, the conspiracy led by the six martyred ministers.

Gim was born to a family of the Andong Kim lineage. His father was a leader of the State Council of Joseon, and his paternal great-grandfather was Gim Sa-hyeong, who had been a leading supporter of Joseon Dynasty founder Taejo. He passed the gwageo examination in 1450, and served in various posts. He was appointed as saye (司藝) of the Seonggyungwan academy in 1455, a position of the fourth jeong rank. Together with other officials including Seong Sam-mun and Choe Hang, he came to be closely trusted by Munjong, the current king. Munjong died shortly thereafter, and entrusted these officials with looking after his young heir Danjong.

In 1455, Sejo overthrew Danjong and seized the throne for himself. Gim joined other high officials in a conspiracy to return Danjong to the throne. However, he lost heart at the last minute and betrayed the other conspirators to King Sejo. They were arrested and tortured, and many were killed together with their families.

Thereafter Gim was closely trusted by Sejo, and in 1459 he became vice-minister of the military and participated in revisions of national defense policy. In the 1460s, he rose to minister positions, first in the Ministry of Public Works and then in the Ministry of the Military. In 1466, he served on the State Council of Joseon, a position to which he later returned; in the following year, he was made governor of Gyeongsang province.

His posthumous name was Munjeong (문정; 文靖). Gim eventually became a great-great-great-grandfather to Gim Ja-jeom.


  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Gim Bang-gyeong (김방경; 金方慶; 1212–1300)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother
    • Lady Park of the Juksan Park clan (죽산 박씨)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Gim Sun (김순; 金恂; 1258 – 24 August 1321)
  • Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother
    • Lady Heo of the Yangcheon Heo clan (양천 허씨)
  • Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Gim Yeong-hu (김영후; 金永煦)
  • Great-Great-Grandfather
    • Gim Jang (김장; 金藏)
  • Great-Grandfather
    • Gim Sa-hyeong (김사형; 金士衡; 1341–1407)
  • Grandfather
    • Gim Seung (김승; 金陞)
  • Father
    • Gim Jong-suk (김종숙; 金宗淑; ?–1470)
      • Uncle - Gim Jong-jun (김종준; 金宗浚)[1]
        • Cousin - Gim Hwang (김황; 金璜)
  • Mother
    • Lady Lee (이씨)
      • Grandfather - Lee Yang-jik (이양직; 李良直)
  • Siblings
    • Older brother - Gim Jak (김작; 金碏)
    • Older brother - Gim Jeok (김적; 金磧)
    • Older brother - Gim Mu (김무; 金碔)
  • Wife and children
    • Lady Jeong of the Dongrae Jeong clan (동래 정씨; 東萊 鄭氏; ?–1458)
      • Son - Gim Ui-dong (김의동; 金義童)
      • Son - Gim Ye-dong (김예동; 金禮童)
      • Son - Gim Ji-dong (김지동; 金智童)
      • Son - Gim Seong-dong (김성동; 金誠童; 1452 – 29 October 1495)
        • Daughter-in-law - Lady Kang of the Jinju Kang clan (진주 강씨; 晉州 姜氏)
          • Grandson - Gim Do (김도; 金淘)
          • Grandson - Gim Ryeo (김려; 金濾)
          • Grandson - Gim Yeon (김언; 金漹; 1495–?)[2]
            • Great-Grandson - Kim Yeok-ryeong (김억령; 金億齡; 1529–?)[3]
          • Granddaughter - Lady Kim of the Andong Kim clan (안동 김씨)
          • Granddaughter - Lady Kim of the Andong Kim clan (안동 김씨)
          • Granddaughter - Lady Kim of the Andong Kim clan (안동 김씨)
          • Granddaughter - Lady Kim of the Andong Kim clan (안동 김씨)
      • Son - Gim Yi-dong (김이동; 金利童)
      • Daughter - Lady Kim of the Andong Kim clan (안동 김씨)
        • Son-in-law - Yi Sik, Prince Burim (부림군 식; 富林君 湜)[4]

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  1. ^ Eventually became the 18th great-grandfather of Gim Gu
  2. ^ Eventually became the great-grandfather of Kim Ja-jeom
  3. ^ The grandfather of Kim Ja-jeom
  4. ^ He is the 3rd son of Princess Consort Jeongseon of the Cheongju Han clan (정선군부인 청주 한씨; 旌善郡夫人 淸州韓氏; 12 April 1426 – 27 April 1480), and Yi Jeung, Prince Gyeyang (계양군 이증; 桂陽君 李璔; 1427 – 16 August 1467). Through his mother, he is a grandson of Han Hwak (the father of Queen Sohye). Through his father, his is a grandson of King Sejong.

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