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Gimar Montaz Mautino (GMM) is a French manufacturer of aerial lifts (mostly 2 seat chairlifts) and surface ski lifts. They are headquartered in Échirolles near Grenoble. Originally known as Montaz Mautino had the best success of any lift company in the 70s and 80s constructing 2-3 men chairlifts especially in France.

Since 1994, the company is certified according to the standard NF EN ISO 9001.[1]

Best seen in the resort of Chamonix as well as gondolas and surface lifts (similar in design to POMA surface lifts). Though in recent years, due to the rapid growth of rivals POMA and Leitner in France, Montaz Mautino lifts are being replaced with faster and higher capacity lifts from it rivals. GMM still constructs surface lifts and a completely new design of 4 men chairlift. Many of the earlier installations are in need of modernising: they are jerky and uncomfortable and are an eyesore to the landscape compared to their new installations.


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