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Gimmie running on Debian
Gimmie running on Debian
Developer(s) Alex Graveley
Preview release
0.2.8 (Now defunct) / 30 October 2007
Operating system Linux, Unix-like and embedded systems
Type taskbar
License LGPL
Website Gimmie

Gimmie is a taskbar and desktop organizer for Linux. It organizes applications, contacts, documents, and several common tasks. Gimmie can be run either as a stand-alone application or added as a GNOME Panel applet. Gimmie is not actively maintained. Its successor is called Mayanna.


The panel is divided into four sections: "applications", "documents", "people", and "Linux". "Applications" shows running programs and shortcuts to other programs. "Documents" shows currently and recently used documents as well as bookmarked folders. "People" shows Pidgin contacts and their status. "Linux" shows the workspace switcher, clock, and notification panel.

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