Gina DeMott Capwell

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Gina DeMott Capwell
Robin Mattson as Gina Lockridge
Santa Barbara character
Portrayed by
First appearance
  • Episode 39
  • September 20, 1984
Last appearance
  • Episode 2137
  • January 15, 1993
Created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson
Occupation Secretary to Stockman DeMott
Secretary to Keith Timmons
Manufacturer of Mrs. Capwell Chocolate Cookies
Owner of Gina's Place
Waitress at Howie's Diner
Employed at a sperm bank
Secretary to Lionel Lockridge
Manager of Gina Jeans
Residence Santa Barbara, California

Gina Lockridge (maiden name Blake, previously DeMott, Capwell and Timmons) is a fictional character from the American soap opera Santa Barbara. The character was first played by actress Linda Gibboney from September 20, 1984 to December 9, 1985. Robin Mattson took over the role permanently on December 10, 1985 and played it until the final episode on January 15, 1993.

Character background[edit]

Gina DeMott first arrived in Santa Barbara in September 1984, with her adoptive son Brandon and her sister Summer, keen on finding happiness and true love. She fell for C.C. Capwell, the man that once allowed her to adopt Brandon, who was actually the biological son of Santana Andrade, a woman from C.C.'s past. Gina wasn't ready to let go of Brandon (because Santana desperately tried to find her child for years) or C.C., so she married C.C. by tricking him into believing that she was pregnant with his child. C.C.'s son Mason found out about Gina's plot and was eager to help her out by impregnating her, but they were both found by C.C. in bed together. C.C. kicked Gina out of the house and she was fearing he might try to take Brandon away from her, so she made it look like Santana was a drug addict, which landed Santana in a rehabilitation center.

Gina didn't have a family in town after she lost her sister Summer in early 1985 during the serial killer murders. She was surprised when her daughter Lily turned up in town. When C.C.'s daughter Kelly was accused of murdering Dylan Hartley, Gina got her hands on the evidence that could set Kelly free, so she decided to use it as a way to blackmail C.C. into marrying her. C.C. had a heart attack after learning that his son Channing was gay, and Gina didn't hesitate to pull him off life support, which she later blamed Eden for, but C.C. found out the truth later on and divorced Gina.

Gina was put in a tough position when a man named Kirk Cranston forced her to help him get rid of Eden. She didn't have a choice since Kirk knew about Gina's misdeed at the hospital. In order to free herself from Kirk, Gina faked her death and was able to work against Kirk when nobody knew she was alive except a few of her accomplices.

Gina didn't like the Capwell family after everything she went through with her and that's why it wasn't a surprise she fell for Keith Timmons, a district attorney that also didn't get along with the Capwells. Gina traced C.C.'s former wife Pamela, paid for her plastic surgery and brought her back to town so she'd be able to break up C.C. and his love Sophia Capwell. C.C. confronted Gina about her lies and she ended up waking up blind after one of their confrontations. Gina fell in love with Scott Clark, the man that was working on curing her. Gina eventually got her sight back but decided to keep it a secret in order to stay with Scott. He broke up with her when he found out she was lying to him about her recovery.

Gina was the first person that found out Mason was suffering from a split personality (named Sonny) and she decided to use it to her advantage yet again. She taught Sonny how to act like Mason with help from Keith, who she got married to, but their happiness didn't last long when Keith had to leave town. Gina decided to change her life by transforming the Lockridge mansion into a hotel. She married Sonny and was convinced her plot would work this time, only it didn't last long when Sonny was shot and reverted to Mason. Keith found his way back to Gina's life, but this time she wasn't ready to commit to him.

Gina's family life changed again when her mother Phyllis and brother Mack came to town. She got interested in Ethan Asher, the town's new district attorney, but the jealousy of Ethan's wife Laura cost Gina the hotel that was burned down by Laura herself. Gina hatched a plot to rob C.C. of his valuable paintings by switching them with fakes and found herself working with Lionel Lockridge against C.C., who eventually stopped them.

Keith made another return to Santa Barbara, but Gina still wasn't ready to commit to a family life with him. Instead, she decided to be a single mother with plans to adopt a child. She got a job at the town's sperm bank and stole samples of C.C.'s and Mason's sperm, then inseminated herself with C.C.'s sperm. She gave birth to their child and C.C. was ready to take over the custody of the child, but Gina had different plans. She married Lionel and he adopted the boy, although Lionel's mother, Minx, was suspicious of Gina and initially disapproved. What was initially just an arrangement turned into a love story when Lionel and Gina realized they had feelings for each other.


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