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Gina Keatley
Dietitian Gina Keatley from L'Oreal taken by Scott Keatley.jpg
Alma mater New York University
Occupation Celebrity Dietitian and Media Personality
Years active 2007–present

Gina Keatley CDN, known as ‘America’s Culinary Dietitian’ [1] is an American nutritionist, media personality, and television host[2] recognized for her food-focused television shows and her approach to health and weight loss.


After receiving her degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management at The Art Institute of New York City, she attended New York University receiving a degree in Nutrition.[3] During her time as a student Gina received multiple culinary awards from the New York chapter of the American Culinary Federation [4] as well as awarded with a James Beard Foundation scholarship.

In June 2007 Gina co-founded Nourishing USA [5] and was CEO.[6] Keatley spent five-years [7] as Director of Nutrition and Culinary Arts combating obesity and diabetes in food deserts in New York City. Gina also served as nutrition consultant for several partnership organizations including The New York Yankees,[8] where she designed an outreach childhood weight management and wellness program. Delving into urban malnourishment issues and pushing for promotion of personal responsibility for health resulted in Turner Broadcasting naming her a CNN Hero[9] She was also named a L’Oreal as a Woman of Worth.[10] “Special Inspiration Awardee” at the Susan G. Komen Inspirational Awards.[11] and a Wiley College Women of Excellence Awardee.[12]

In 2012, Keatley launched a private nutrition counseling center, Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy. Gina received The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Community Leadership Award in 2013.[13]

In 2014, Keatley was named one of Collaborate Magazine’s 40 Under 40 [14] for her accomplishments as one of industry’s top young professionals.

In fall 2015, Keatley became The American Ambassador of Malaysian Cuisine.[15]“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce America to this vibrant and diverse cuisine and create a new twist on traditional holiday recipes,” explains Keatley. “One of the things I love most about the Malaysian cuisine is its unique blends of natural ingredients and spices that are highly influenced by the multicultural and megadiverse society in Malaysia.”

In 2017, Keatley became the Editor-in-chief of Spiralized Magazine [16] and Creative Director of Tasty Bytes Magazine [17] and developed the iOS apps Fork Up Phone Down and The Dinner Bell to support healthy eating initiatives.


Keatley has appeared on a number of cooking programs in the US, including Food Network's "Extreme Chef".[18] In September 2012, Gina Keatley was a contestant on the tenth season of Top Chef: Seattle.[19] She was featured in a NY Daily News article.“I define myself as a chef that turns obstacles into opportunities. I use food to do that.”[20] In 2013 Keatley was on HLN's "Cook Your Ass Off."

Keatley appears regularly on national and local morning shows and news programs sharing her nutritional expertise such as Hallmarks Channel’s show Emeril’s Table,[21] The Dr.Oz Show, Good Day New York,[22] The Lisa Oz Show [23] and BBC World,[24] and an occasional guest panelist on programs such as TED Talks.

In June 2013, Gina Keatley joined Uncanned Productions team as Host of a new show, Healthy Soul with Gina Keatley.[25] It showcases Keatley's expert advice on such topics as food culture, wellbeing, nutrition and much more. "It's an absolute delight to be working with a network that enjoys highlighting food culture," said Gina Keatley. "I want viewers to come away from watching my show feeling motivated and fearless."[26]

In November 2013, Gina Keatley was highlighted in "Beard Foundation Honors Women in Food" article in Gotham Magazine.[27]

In Spring 2014, Gina Keatley was chosen as of one of five celebrity panelists for Glamour And L'Oreal Paris Top Ten College Women Panel. The event was moderated by Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive,[28] featured actresses Greta Gerwig and Danielle Brooks[29] founder and executive producer of MAKERS Dyllan McGee, and TV screenwriter and producer Colleen McGuinness (who counts Tina Fey as a mentor).[30][31]

In 2015, Keatley became a wellness contributing author to The Huffington Post,[32] as well as an expert nutrition source for Yahoo Health.[33]

Keatley's next project is as executive producer of a food documentary titled Far From Healthy.[34] A look at America's food deserts which is scheduled for release in winter 2016.

In the winter of 2016 Keatley started filming Deliciously Diverse: Malaysia with Gina Keatley, an innovative series highlighting nutrient diversity through culinary exploration. In this series Keatley has an appetite for culinary exploration. She is high energy, bold and intrepid as she travels Malaysia on her voyage to discover the cities, villages and people that provide some of the healthiest ingredients on earth.[35]


The first season of Healthy Soul was initially picked up for 10 episodes[36] and then, after initial ratings success, a 0.7 rating in the New York Area television market, an additional 30 episodes were ordered.

Healthy Soul with Gina Keatley
Year Title Role


2013 #101: Out of the Pan, Into the Fire Host
2013 #102: Crazy for the Coop Host
2013 #103: Creating the Curds Host
2013 #104: Picky about Poultry Host
2013 #105: Need to Knead Host
2013 #106: Diving into the World of Seafood Host
2013 #107: Stuffin’ the Sausage Host
2013 #108: Mussel-ing Through Cornbread Host
2013 #109: Getting Catfished Host
2013 #110: Savoring the Spice Host
2014 #201: Savoring the Suds Host
2014 #202: Crazy for the Cacao Host
2014 #203: Going Nuts' Host
2014 #204: Nothin’ but Nori Host
2014 #205: Soda Sippin Host
2014 #206: Pumpingup the Pasta Host
2014 #207: Vibing with the Vintage Host
2014 #208: The World's Greatest Host
2014 #209: Noshing on Nachos Host
2014 #210: Treasuring the Tea Host
2014 #301: Rising to the Occasion Host
2014 #302: East Meets Meat Host
2014 #303: Bubbly Lobster' Host
2014 #304: Garden Dessert Host
2014 #305: Hot and Cold Treats Host
2014 #306: Brooklyn's Best Tapas Host
2014 #307: Yolks and Dough Host
2014 #308: Knock-out Spicy Host
2014 #309: Caliente Crustaceans Host
2014 #310: Kung-Pao Protein Host
2014 #401: Food of the Future is Now Host
2014 #402: Flapjacking to Fitness Host
2014 #403: Foodie Works of Art Host
2014 #404: Sour Craft Cubano Host
2014 #405: #Selfies for you Food Host
2015 #406: Superhero Super-foods Host
2015 #407: Cooking up Diaspora Host
2015 #408: Confucius says ‘Eat More Hot Dogs?’ Host


Year Title Role
2016 Deliciously Diverse: Malaysia Herself - Host
2015 NY1 Health Contributor
2015 NY1 Nutrition Contributor
2015 Better Show Nutrition/Culinary Guest
2015 Extra Virgin Nutrition/Culinary Guest
2014 News 12 Brooklyn/Bronx[37] Nutrition/Culinary Guest
2013 Cook Your Ass Off Chef Contestant
2013 The Lisa Oz Show Nutrition/Culinary Guest
2012 Top Chef: Seattle Chef Contestant
2012 Craigslist Joe Culinary Guest
2012 Ted Talks Culinary Guest
2011 The 5th Annual CNN All-Star Tribute Herself
2011 Food Network, Savoring Harlem Culinary Guest
2011 Hallmark,Emeril's Table Culinary Guest
2011 Food Network, Extreme Chef Chef Contestant
2011 FOX Good Day New York Culinary Guest
2010 FOX, Street Talk New York Culinary Guest
2009 ABC,Dr. Oz Show Herself


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