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For the basketball team of the same name, see Barangay Ginebra San Miguel.
Ginebra San Miguel Inc.
Subsidiary, Public
Traded as PSEGSMI
Predecessor La Tondeña Inc. (1902–1987)
La Tondeña Distillers Inc. (1987–2003)
Founded 1834; 182 years ago (1834) (liquor brand)
1902; 114 years ago (1902) (company)
Founder Carlos Palanca, Sr.
Headquarters San Miguel Properties Centre, St. Francis Street, Mandaluyong, Philippines
Area served
Key people

Eduardo M. Cojuangco, Jr. (Chairman and CEO)

Ramon S. Ang (Vice Chairman)
Bernard D. Marquez (President and COO)
Products Distilled beverages
Parent San Miguel Corporation
Slogan Lahing Ginebra, Ikaw Na! (corporate slogan)
Ganado sa Buhay (product slogan)
Ginebra San Miguel
Type Dutch-type gin
Manufacturer Ginebra San Miguel Inc.
Country of origin Philippines
Introduced 1834
Alcohol by volume 40%
Proof (US) 80
Colour clear

Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) (PSEGSMI) is a Philippines-based diversified beverage company majority-owned by San Miguel Corporation, previously named La Tondeña Distillers Inc. (LTDI) (1987 to 2003). It was founded as La Tondeña Inc. in 1902 by Carlos Palanca, Sr. It manufactures a range of distilled beverages.

As of 2012, its flagship product, Ginebra San Miguel, is the largest-selling gin in the world, with sales of 23.8 million 9-litre cases, according to Drinks International.[1]


La Tondeña was established in 1902 by Carlos Palanca, Sr. in Tondo, Manila [2] and incorporated as La Tondeña Inc. in 1929. The company name was inspired from its location. The distillery pioneered the production of alcohol derived from molasses, instead of the commonly used nipa palm. In 1924, it acquired the Ayala Distillery (Destileria y Licoreria de Ayala y Compañia) and its gin product, Ginebra San Miguel, from Ayala y Compañia (precursor of Ayala Corporation). In 1955, the company acquired Añejo Rhum from Tabacalera (Compañia de Filipinas). In 1957, it acquired the trademark rights to Kulafu to launch Vino Kulafu Chinese herbal wine.[3]

Ginebra San Miguel history[edit]

In June 1834, Casa Róxas (a partnership between Domingo Róxas and Antonio de Ayala), the precursor of Ayala Corporation, founded a distillery named Destileria y Licoreria de Ayala y Compañia. It was the first distillery in the Philippines. It produced a variety of drinks including anis, anisette, cognac, rum, whisky and its trademark gin, Ginebra San Miguel. The distillery, which was located in Quiapo, Manila, was a major business of Ayala y Compañia (successor of Casa Róxas) until it was acquired by La Tondeña on June 21, 1924.[4]



  • Ginebra San Miguel
  • GSM Blue
  • GSM Blue Light
  • Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin
  • GSM Blue Flavors

Other alcoholic beverages:

  • Gran Matador Brandy
  • Gran Matador Light
  • Gran Matador Gran Reserva
  • Don Enrique Mixxkila
  • Vino Kulafu
  • St. George Premium Whisky
  • Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink
  • Antonov Vodka
  • MiXX
  • Primera Light Brandy

|style="width: 33.33%;text-align:left;vertical-align:top;" | Discontinued products:

  • Añejo Rum 65
  • Añejo Rum Oro
  • Don Enrique Gold
  • Don Enrique Silver
  • ERG
  • Gordon's Gin
  • Ginebra San Miguel Lite
  • Infinite Ready-To-Drink Cocktails
  • Tondeña Rum 8 Years
  • Tondeña Manila Rum

GSMI has received eight Quality Awards (five golds and three silvers) at the 2012 World Quality Selections, organized yearly by Monde Selection. Three of the brands have also earned the Monde Selection’s International High Quality Trophy, granted to products achieving Grand Gold or Gold Awards for three consecutive years.[5]

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Sometime in 1915–1916, Fernando Amorsolo designed the "marca demonio" product label of Ginebra San Miguel still in use today.[6]


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