Ginger Baker's Air Force

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This article is about the band itself. For their self-titled debut album, see Ginger Baker's Air Force (album).
Ginger Baker's Air Force
Origin London, England
Genres Jazz-rock
Years active 1969–1971, 2015–present
Associated acts
Members Ginger Baker
Past members

Ginger Baker's Air Force is a jazz-rock fusion supergroup led by drummer Ginger Baker.


The band formed in late 1969 upon the disbandment of Blind Faith. The original lineup consisted of Ginger Baker on drums, Steve Winwood on organ and vocals, Ric Grech on violin and bass, Jeanette Jacobs on vocals, Denny Laine on guitar and vocals, Phil Seamen on drums, Alan White on drums, Chris Wood on tenor sax and flute, Graham Bond on alto sax, Harold McNair on tenor sax and flute, and Remi Kabaka on percussion. Their first live shows, at Birmingham Town Hall in 1969[1] and the Royal Albert Hall, in 1970, also included Jeanette Jacobs and Eleanor Barooshian (both former members of girl group The Cake).

The band released two albums, both in 1970: Ginger Baker's Air Force and Ginger Baker's Air Force 2. The second album involved substantially different personnel from the first, with Ginger Baker and Graham Bond being the primary constants between albums.

Ginger Baker's Air Force also played a set at Wembley Stadium on 19 April 1970, during the start of the World Cup Rally, which went from London to Mexico City.

In late 2015 Baker announced he would be touring in 2016 with a new version of Ginger Baker's Air Force. The band booked a world tour under the name Ginger Baker's Air Force 3. It is unclear at this time who the other musicians in the band are but Baker's blog says the band will be him "showcasing new talent and collaborating with old friends."[2]

The band played one show in London on 26 January 2015. The performance was shortened and Baker had to take many breaks due to an injury he had previously sustained. In late February 2016 the entire tour was cancelled due to doctors having diagnosed Baker with "serious heart problems." It is unknown at this time if Ginger Baker's Air Force 3 will perform again or if Baker has permanently retired from touring and performing.[3]


Ginger Baker's Air Force released two albums:

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Ginger Baker – drums (1969 – Feb. 1971, 2015–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Graham Bond – organ, saxophone, vocals (1969 – Feb. 1971, died 1974)
  • Steve Winwood – organ, bass guitar, vocals (1969 – Mar. 1970)
  • Chris Wood – saxophone, flute (1969 – Mar.1970, died 1983)
  • Denny Laine – guitar, vocals (1969 – Sept. 1970)
  • Ric Grech – bass, violin (1969 – Sept. 1970, died 1990)
  • Remi Kabaka – drums, percussion (1969 – Sept. 1970)
  • Phil Seamen – drums, percussion (1969 – Sept. 1970, died 1972)
  • Harold McNair – saxophone, flute (1969 – Sept. 1970, died 1971)
  • Eleanor Barooshian – vocals (March 1970 – Sept. 1970, died 2016)
  • Jeanette Jacobs – vocals (1969 – Sept. 1970, died 1982)
  • Alan White – drums (Mar. 1970 – Sept. 1970)
  • Colin Gibson – bass, saxophone (Mar. 1970 – Feb. 1971)
  • Diane Stewart – vocals (Mar. 1970 – Feb. 1971)
  • Bud Beadle – saxophone (Sept. 1970 – Feb.1971)
  • Kenneth Craddock – guitar, organ, piano, vocals (Sept. 1970 – Feb. 1971, died 2002)
  • Steve Gregory – saxophone, flute (Sept. 1970 – Feb. 1971)
  • Aliki Ashman – vocals (Sept. 1970 – Feb. 1971)
  • Neemoi "Speedy" Acquaye – drums, percussion (Sept. 1970 – Feb. 1971)[4]


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