Ginger beef

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Ginger beef
Ginger Beef.jpg
Canadian-style Ginger Beef
Course Main dishes
Place of origin Calgary, Canada
Main ingredients Beef, ginger
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Ginger beef (Geung Ngao Yuk, 薑牛肉) usually refers to a westernized version of a Chinese dish made from beef and ginger.

The ingredients of ginger beef can depend on where it is featured, but the western Canadian version generally consists of deep fried strips of beef coated in a dark sweet sauce that is reminiscent of other Asian sauces based on vinegar and sugar. It also contains flavors of ginger, garlic and hot peppers, and is commonly served with a small amount of julienned carrots and onions in the sauce.[1]

As with many dishes, the invention of ginger beef is claimed by several restaurants and chefs. However, the most widely accepted origin attributes the dish's development during the mid-1970s by chef George Wong at the Silver Inn in Calgary, Alberta.[2][3][4][5] The dish is now a very important part of culture in Calgary and that part of Canada.[4][5][6] A radio segment featuring ginger beef was aired on CBC Radio One programme The Main Ingredient.[7]