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Ginger Gilmour
Virginia Hasenbein

(1949-01-19) 19 January 1949 (age 70)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
ResidenceYapton, West Sussex, England
Spouse(s)David Gilmour (1975–1990; divorced); 4 children

Ginger Gilmour (born Virginia Hasenbein; 19 January 1949 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American artist, sculptor, author,[1] former model,[2] and the first wife of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. Since their marriage in 1975 and divorce in 1990, she has lived in England.

Personal life[edit]

From 1962–66, Hasenbein studied at Wayne High School, Wayne, Michigan, and graduated Cum Laude.[3] She then undertook a two-year foundation course in chemical engineering and art at Michigan State University.[3]

Hasenbein met David Gilmour in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in October 1971, while accompanying her then boyfriend backstage at a Pink Floyd concert.[4] She described their meeting as "love at first sight",[4] and they married on 7 July 1975[1][4] with the wedding reception held at Abbey Road Studios. The couple had four children:[4] Alice (born 1976), Clare (born 1979), Sara (born 1983, a fashion stylist[5]), and Matthew (born 1986). The children originally attended a Waldorf School.[6]

Ginger is depicted on the inner sleeve of David's 1978 eponymous first solo album. They separated during Pink Floyd's 1987–89 world tour and subsequently divorced.[citation needed] She published a book about her life with him, Memoirs of the Bright Side of The Moon, in 2015.


Gilmour studied for eight years with the English artist Cecil Collins.[1] She now works from her 15th-century farmhouse[4] near Yapton, West Sussex,[7] where she has created several studios.[4] A recurring theme in her work is angels.[4] She also teaches art[4] and a form of esoteric healing called 'Mental Colour Healing'. Her work has been exhibited in a number of galleries and other venues,[8] including[8] Mall Galleries, London, Arundel Castle, and the German Embassy in London. She worked in partnership with California-based artists Dana Lynne Anderson and Annie Harrison under the 'Renowned Artist' brand.[9] She has been commissioned to produce work for gardens at the Hampton Court Flower Show and BBC Gardeners' World[8][10] and has illustrated books by Phil Murray.[8] As of July 2011, her 11-foot sculpture inspired by the Olympic Games is installed at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5.[11]

Gilmour is a member of the Society of Women Artists.[4] In June 2007, she received a British Red Cross Award for 'Services to Humanity'.[8][12] She provided a painting on a Carparelli Acoustic Bass guitar for War Child, which was auctioned off alongside 15 others including one from Iggy Pop.[citation needed]


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Books illustrated by Gilmour:

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