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Gini Martin is one of Blutengel's former female singers.


She stayed for a very short time in the band, during 2000 until the very beginning of 2002. Martin provided the female vocals for only two tracks, "Seelenschmerz" on the Blutengel album of the same name and also "I'm Dying Alone" (with Kati Roloff and Chris Pohl). She left together with Kati in 2002 and they formed a new project called Tristesse de la Lune. On December 15th 2006, it was announced that Kati was no longer a member of Tristesse de la Lune, but Gini decided to carry on by herself stating several new songs had been completed but since then fans have been waiting for the next TDLL album from Gini as a solo musician for almost 12 years. Martin was replaced by Eva Pölzing, she performed at BE's first gig at Wave Gotik Treffen and also in the second and third (both at Dark Storm Festival) gigs, which was her last live appearance as she left the band together with Kati afterwards for personal reasons. She has never performed any live shows since.


With Blutengel[edit]

  • 2001: Seelenschmerz – Album
  • 2001: Seelenschmerz Limited Box Edition – Album

With Tristesse de la Lune[edit]

  • 2002: Strangeland – Promo
  • 2002: Machineries Of Joy Vol. 2: "Tristesse de la Lune - Dein Licht" – Compilation track
  • 2002: Eiskalte LiebeMaxi
  • 2003: Queen of the Damned – Maxi
  • 2003: A Heart Whose Love Is Innocent – Album
  • 2003: Machineries Of Joy Vol. 3: "Tristesse de la Lune - Soulhunter" – Compilation track
  • 2004: DMM – Dark Wave Mix Part VI: "Tristesse de la Lune - The Conductor" – Compilation track
  • 2005: Ninive/Time Is Moving – Maxi
  • 2007: Machineries Of Joy Vol. 4: "Tristesse de la Lune - Let's Pretend" – Compilation track
  • 2013: Machineries Of Joy Vol. 5: "Tristesse de la Lune - Erinnerung" - Compilation track

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