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Gino Lucetti (August 31, 1900 – September 17, 1943) was an Italian anarchist and would-be assassin.

Born in Carrara, Italy, he fought in the assault troops during World War I. Later he emigrated to France, from where he returned to attempt the assassination of Benito Mussolini, Italy's Fascist Duce. On September 11, 1926, in the Porta Pia square in Rome, he threw a bomb against Mussolini's car, but without effect.

Arrested, Lucetti stood trial in June 1927, and was condemned to 30 years in prison. The politician Vincenzo Baldazzi was also condemned for having supported him in preparing the attempt.

Tomb of Gino Lucetti, Carrara.

In 1943 Lucetti escaped from prison with the help of others, but was killed shortly afterwards during a German bombing raid on Ischia.


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