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Gino Todisco (born in Vallerotonda December 23, 1927) is an Italian linguist and literary critic.


Gino Todisco is a Professor Emeritus of French Linguistics at the University of Rome « La Sapienza » [1] and he was in charge of teaching at the Liberal Arts College[dubious ] of the University of Cassino. After his studies in high school « Leonardo da Vinci » in Paris, he was elected "Titular Student" at the École pratique des hautes études, with Decree of the French Minister of Education on September 11, 1968.[2] Graduate in literature and law. Well-known specialist of Anatole France[citation needed]. He became national member of the « Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei [3] » of Rome, for a work of judicial exegesis. Contributor of the journal « Culture française » published in Bari.


Knight of the « Ordre des Palmes académiques », with Decree of the French Prime Minister on July 17, 1986.[4]

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