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Gints Bude
Born (1971-04-23) April 23, 1971 (age 45)
Riga, Latvia
Nationality Flag of Latvia.svg Latvian
Occupation Fashion designer

Gints Bude (born April 23, 1971 in Riga, Latvia) is a Latvian fashion designer and an expert of clothing and dress code.[1]


Gints Bude graduated from Riga Tailor College as a tailor qualification. After that he studied Fashion garment pattern making and sewing technology in Riga Technical University. 1988-89 worked as a tailor in clothing company "Rīgas modes" (Riga fashions) experimental factory as a new collections tailor. On November 2, year 1990 he founded Gints BUDE fashion house and the first professional modeling school in Latvia Gints BUDE fashion model studio. Costume designer and choreography consultant of Miss and Mr. Latvia contest since year 1993.[1] He has been a member of Baltic Fashion Designers association since year 2004.

Gints Bude is a designer of men's and women's fashion collections presented in international fashion forums, fairs and events since 1994 - men's clothing fair in Europe "Herren-Mode-Wöche-Köln". Co-creator and organizer of Latvian festival "Mode. Māksla. Mūzika." (Fashion. Art. Music.) and "Zelta adata" (Golden needle) award.[2]

His clothing collections have been presented in Riga Fashion Week.[3]

Gints Bude has participated in Latvian fashion presentations during Latvian culture project Etonnante Lettonie[4] (Surprising Latvia) in year 2005 that took place in Paris, France.

Gints Bude has designed editorials for Pastaiga,, Golfs, Avene magazines, and others.[citation needed]

He is an expert of clothing and dress code for "Vakara ziņas" (Evening News)[5] and "Privātā dzīve" (Private Life)[6] magazines, does lectures about the importance of the public visual appearance, dress code and fashion tendencies.


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