Giochi Preziosi (company)

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Giochi Preziosi
Industry Entertainment
Genre Toys
TV Series
Founded 1978
Founder Enrico Preziosi
Headquarters Italy
Number of locations
Key people
Enrico Preziosi
Products Gormiti
Dino Froz
Puppy in my Pocket
Divisions Giochi Preziosi Music Group
Giochi Preziosi Features

Giochi Preziosi or Gruppo Giochi Preziosi is an Italian company that produces toys and TV series based on their toys. They work in association with Marathon Media and Mondo TV.

Giochi Preziosi is the principal owner of the Gormiti and Dinofroz franchises and license toys for other companies such as Power Rangers, Ben 10 and Winx Club toys. In 2006, they started to produce TV series based on their toys. The first series was Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Returns!. They have also produced video games based on the Gormiti TV series for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

Toys produced by Giochi Preziosi[edit]

TV Series[edit]

Toys produced or licensed from other companies[edit]