Giorgio Albertazzi

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Giorgio Albertazzi in the 1960s
Giorgio Albertazzi in 1974

Giorgio Albertazzi (born 20 August 1923) is an Italian actor and film director.

Albertazzi (right) with Giorgio Napolitano (left) and Ignazio Marino (center)

Born in San Martino a Mensola Albertazzi joined the Italian Social Republic and reached the rank of lieutenant. After their defeat, he spent two years in prison for collaborating. After the amnesty by Palmiro Togliatti he changed from studying architecture to acting.

In the theater Albertazzi debuted in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, and played in the following decades in a number of classics, many of them for television. From the early 1950s he was also seen on the big screen – he played in more than 50 films. Since 1969, he directed several television films, including the miniseries George Sand in 1981. Since 2003 he has been director of the Teatro di Roma.

He had a close friendship with fellow actress Anna Proclemer who appeared with him for many years. In 2007 he married his long-standing partner Pia de Tolomei.

In 1988 he wrote his memoirs.

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1962 Eva
1961 Last Year at Marienbad
1957 White Nights
1952 Don Camillo
1999 Li chiamarono... briganti!




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  • 1969 – Questa cosa che chiamiamo mondo/Tema di Linda (Carosello, CL 20222, 7") from the television series Jekyll
  • 1969 – Ti amo... ed io di più/Sospendi il tempo (Boradway International, 7") with Anna Proclemer
  • 1970 – Miraggio d'estate/Miraggio d'estate (Carosello, 7") with Penny Brown
  • I fioretti di S. Francesco (Istituto Internazionale Del Disco, SIL 4001, EP 7") with Antonio Baldini
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