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Giorgio Rebuffi (7 November 1928 - 15 October 2014) was an Italian comics artist.

Born in Milan, Rebuffi started his career in 1949 when, still being a university student at the Faculty of Medicine, he created the character Sceriffo Fox ("Sheriff Fox") for the publisher Edizioni Alpe.[1] Shortly after the publisher placed him in charge to cure the stories of Cucciolo and Beppe, two characters he revolutionised, changing their appearance, giving them well-defined personalities and enhancing the satirical side of their stories.[1][2][3]

In 1952, he created his best known character, the bizarre superhero Tiramolla, characterized by the ability of being able to stretch as he wishes.[1][2][3][4] Other well-known characters by Rebuffi include the squirrel Trottolino (created in 1952) and the wolf Pugacioff (created in 1959).[1][4] Rebuffi was also active as a Disney cartoonist for the Mondadori publications.[4]


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