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Giorgos Fountas
Born 1924
Mavrolithari, Phocis, Greece
Died November 28, 2010 (aged 85–86)
Athens, Greece
Occupation Actor
Years active 1944–97

Giorgos Fountas (Greek: Γιώργος Φούντας; 1924 – November 28, 2010) was a Greek actor in film and television.


Fountas attended the Dramatic School at the Athens Odeum. He played football for some years for AEK Athens FC. He appeared for the first time in the theatre in Nyfiatiko tragoudi ("Bridal Song") and his first film in 1944. He was awarded at the Thessaloniki Film Festival in 1966 and 1967 for his participation in his films With the Shine in the Eyes and Fever on the Road.[1][2]

He remained popular and he is best remembered for his role in the movie Stella with Melina Mercouri where he pronounced one quote, which was satyrized in the movie Straight Story in 2006.[3]

He also appeared on several TV roles.



Year Film Transliteration and translation
1944 Katadromi sto Aigaion Καταδρομή στο Αιγαίον
A route in the Aegean
1954 A Girl from the Neighborhood Το Κορίτσι της Γειτονιάς
To Koritsi tis Geitonias
1954 O Anemos tou Misous Ο Άνεμος του Μίσους
1954 Gynaikes dichos antres ''Γυναίκες δίχως Άντρες
1954 Open Sea Ανοιχτή Θάλασσα
Anihti thalasa
1955 Stella Στέλλα
1955 Magic City Μαγική πόλη
Mayiki poli
1956 Assoi tou Gipedou Άσσοι του Γηπέδου
1958 Only for a Night Μόνο για μια Νύχτα
Mono gia mia nychta
1958 I Limni ton Pothon Η Λίμνη των Πόθων
1958 Gerakina/Yerakina Γερακίνα
1958 Galini Γαλήνη
1959 I zavoliara Η Ζαβολιάρα
1960 Never on Sunday Ποτέ την Κυριακή
Pote tin kyriaki/kiriaki
1960 Pothoi sta Stachya Πόθοι στα Στάχυα
1960 Litrose me agapi mou Λύτρωσέ με Αγάπη μου
1960 I Avgi tou Thriamvou Η Αυγή του Θριάμβου
1960 An ixeres pedi mou Αν ήξερες Παιδί μου
If You Knew, My Kid
1961 Prodomeni agapi Προδομένη Αγαπη
1962 I megali thissia Η μεγάλη Θυσία
1963 The red lanterns Τα κόκκινα Φανάρια
Ta kokkina fanaria
1963 Siege Πολιορκία
1963 Coward Κάθαρμα
1963 America, America Αμέρικα Αμέρικα
1964 O krahtis Ο Κράχτης
1964 Kravgi Κραυγή
1964 Alexis Zorbas Αλέξης Ζορμπάς
1966 I stigmatismeni Οι Στιγματισμένοι
1966 Johnny/Giannis the Fisher Ο Ψαρόγιαννος
O Psaroyannos
1966 Me ti lampsi sta matia Με τη Λάμψη στα Μάτια
With the Shine in the Eyes
1967 Trouba '67 Τρούμπα `67
1967 Fever on Pavement Πυρετός στην Άσφαλτο
Pyretos stin asfalto
1968 Poly arga gia dakrya Πολύ αργά για Δάκρυα
1969 The Refugee Ο Πρόσφυγας
O Prosfygas
1969 O Antartis tou Valtou Ο Αντάρτης του Βάλτου
1970 O megalos enohos Ο μεγάλος Ένοχος
1980 Exodos Kindynou Έξοδος Κινδύνου
1986 A Girl from Mani Το κορίτσι της Μάνης
To koritsi tis Manis
1987 Molismena idata Μολυσμένα ύδατα
1997 Gentlemen from the Sea Λεβέντες της Θάλασσας
Leventes tis thalassas


Year Film Transliteration and translation
1973 Occupation Κατοχή
1975 Christ Recrucified Ο Χριστός ξανασταυρώνεται
1976 Galini Γαλήνη
1978 Exodos kindynou Έξοδος κινδύνου
Dangerous Exits
1985 Ston argaleio tou fengariou Στον αργαλειό του φεγγαριού
1993 Gova stileto Γόβα στιλέτο


Year Award Film Result
1966 Thessaloniki Festival Award for best actor Me ti Lampsi sta Matia Won
1966 Thessaloniki Festival Award for best actor Pyretos stin Asphalto Won


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