Giorgos Kappis

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Giorgos Kappis
Γιώργος Κάππης
Born 1928
Died May 11, 1999
Occupation Actor

Giorgos Kappis' (Greek: Γιώργος Κάππης; 1928 – May 11, 1999) was a Greek actor in secondary roles in comedy and movies.

Film and theatrical appearances[edit]

He first appeared in Dalianidis' dilmos and his unforgettable memories of his role was the brother's son of Alekos Leivaditis in O emiris kai o kakomoiris and as a director, which finally unstitches from Lambros Konstantaras in O trelos ta echei 400. He took part in many video films in the 1980s due to its survival.[1]

The unforgettable that he remains in the memory of the Piraeus theatrical partner scene (after the metapolitefsi) went to the stage, the state presented a large closed piaster with raising as much from the inner finger of the edge in which brought to think that G. Kappis without talking. After the 2 to 3 minute celebration, he also laughed and he said:

Laugh eh!..., Laugh!..., Laugh!... All of us for 7 years sit here above! (Γελάτε ε!..., Γελάστε!..., Γελάστε!... Όλοι σας 7 χρόνια καθόσασταν εδώ πάνω! = Gelate e!..., Gelaste!..., Gelaste!... Oloi sas 7 chronia kathsastan edo pano!


He lived poorly, and died on May 1999. He is buried at Glyfada Cemetery with other relatives. He had a daughter, Patricia.


Year Film title
(English translation)
Original title
and transliteration
1963 Pseftothodoros Ψευτοθόδωρος
Lazy Theodore
1963 Ziteitai timios Ζητείται τίμιος Sotiris
1964 Kosmos kai kosmakis Κόσμος και κοσμάκης Psarokaselas
1964 O, ti thelei o laos Ό,τι θέλει ο λαός Aristidis
1964 O emiris kai o kakomoiris Ο εμίρης και ο κακομοίρης Alis Sevdalis
1964 Allos gia to ekatommyrio Άλλος για το εκατομμύριο
Somebody for a Millionaire
1964 To prosopo tis imeras Το πρόσωπο της ημέρας Apostolis
1966 Fifis o aktyptos Φίφης ο ακτύπητος Zoubas
1867 Nymfios anymfeftos Νυμφίος ανύμφευτος a train controller
1968 O trelos ta chei 400 Ο τρελός τα' χει 400 Renos
1969 I archontissa tis kouzinas Η αρχόντισσα της κουζίνας
Leader of the Kitchen
1971 To omorfopaido Το ομορφόπαιδο Alekos
1971 Holidays in Our Cyprus Διακοπές στην Κύπρο μας
Diakopes stin Kypro mas
1971 O kyr Giorgis kai o treles tou Ο κυρ Γιώργης και οι τρέλες του
Mr. Giorgis and his Lazy Guys
1983 O anthropos pou to paize poly Ο άνθρωπος που το 'παιζε πολύ Ieremias
1988 O megalos paramythoas Ο μεγάλος παραμυθάς
A Great Tale


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