Giovan Battista Aleotti

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Giovan Battista Aleotti

Giovan Battista Aleotti (1546 – 12 December 1636) was an Italian architect.


Aleotti was born in Argenta. For some years, Aleotti went to Ferrara, to work under Alfonso II d'Este where with Alessandro Balbi he designed the façade of the University in 1610. He gave a new façade to the Rocca Scandiano, the home of the Boiardo family. He is known for his designs in Parma, including the Teatro Farnese (1618–1628) and, with the assistance of his pupil Giovanni Battista Magnani, the hexagonal church of Santa Maria del Quartiere (1604-1619). He also helped design the facades of the Palazzi Bentivoglio and Bevilacqua-Costabili in Ferrara.


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