Giovan Francesco Capoferri

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Self-portraits of Capoferri and Lotto

Giovan Francesco Capoferri (1487–1534) was an intarsia artist in Bergamo, Lombardy (at the time a city of the Republic of Venice).

He was schooled by Damiano da Bergamo, working on the intarsia in the choir of Santi Bartolomeo e Stefano, Bergamo during the 1510s.

In the 1520s, Capoferri worked based on designs by the painter Lorenzo Lotto, notably working on the choir of Santa Maria Maggiore, Bergamo.

Notable works:

  • The drowning of the Pharaoh (1529-30),
  • Judith and Holofernes (1527-30),
  • The death of Abel (1524)
  • Noah's Ark (1525),
  • The jealousy of Noah (1524),
  • Jonah (1528-30)


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