Giovanna Zangrandi

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Giovanna Zangrandi (1910–1988) was an Italian novelist and Resistance fighter. [1]


  • Leggende delle Dolomiti (Legends of the Dolomites) (1950)
  • I Brusaz (The Brusaz Family) (1954)
  • Orsola nelle stagioni (Ursula in the Different Seasons) (1957)
  • Il campo rosso (The Red Field) (1959)
  • Tre signore (Three Ladies) (1960)
  • I giorni veri, 1943-45 (The Real Days, 1943–45) (1963)
  • Anni con Attila (Years with Attila) (1966)
  • Il diario di Chiara (Chiara's Diary) (1972)

Further reading[edit]

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