Giovanni Agostino Cassana

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Pigeons feeding

Abate, or Giovanni Agostino Cassana (c.1658 – 6 May 1720) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He was a son of Giovanni Francesco Cassana and an elder brother of Niccolò and Giovanni Battista.[1] He was born at Venice, and was initially instructed by his father.[1] In 1670 he worked at the court of Ferdinando de' Medici in Florence and travelled regularly between the two cities, but spent at least the years 1718-1720 in Genoa, where he later died.[1]

He painted portraits with some success, but preferred painting animals in the style of Antonio Maria Vasallo, Benedetto Castiglione, and Joannes Fyt, a style which he learned from Jacques van de Kerckhove in Venice.[2] Paintings of still life subjects are found in the collections at Florence, Venice, and Genoa.

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