Giovanni Antonelli

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Giovanni Antonelli
Giovanni Antonelli.jpg
Born(1818-10-01)1 October 1818
Died14 January 1872(1872-01-14) (aged 53)
Florence, Italy
Scientific career

Giovanni Antonelli (1 October 1818 – 14 January 1872) was an Italian scientist, astronomer and engineer.[1]

Antonelli was born in Pistoia, Tuscany. A Catholic priest, he was director of the Ximenian Observatory of Florence from 1851 until his death.

In 1858 he installed a lightning rod designed by himself and Filippo Cecchi on the Florence cathedral. Again with Father Cecchi, he collaborated in the design of a prototype of internal combustion engine with Nicolò Barsanti and Felice Matteucci. Father Antonelli wrote numerous treatises, concerning various arguments from astronomy to mathematics, hydraulics and others; he also published a comment to astronomical passages in the Divine Comedy.[2]

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