Giovanni Antonio De Pieri

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Giovanni Antonio De Pieri, known as il Zoppo Vicentino (1671–1751) was an Italian painter of the Baroque style, born and active in Vicenza.[1]

He was prolific locally in painting sacred subjects. He was dismissed by the art historian Lanzi as having an easy brush but less decisive[2] An inventory of art in Vicenza in 1769, cites the following works by Pieri:[3]

  • God the Father and Saints, Education of the Virgin, Flight to Egypt, and Madonna and Child at San Bartolomeo
  • Judith decapitates Holofernes at Santa Maria in Araceli
  • Canon Lateran Priest and Soldier at Corpus Domine church of Canons Lateran
  • St Antony and Child for parish church of Santa Croce
  • St Benedict for church of Santa Caterina
  • Arrival of the Holy Spine on organ shutters, an oval depicting Santa Rosa, and Ascent of Christ for a chapel in the church of Santa Corona
  • Deposition for parish church of San Marcello
  • Saints Benedict and Scholastica in Glory for the church of Santi Felice e Fortunato
  • Apparition of Virgin to Beato Felice for the church of the Cappuccini
  • Martyrdom of San Apollonio for the church of La Misericordia
  • Virgin grants the Rosary to St Dominic with St Catherine of Siena for San Domenico
  • San Girolamo and Angels for San Marco in San Girolamo


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