Giovanni Battista Bertani

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Giovanni Battista Bertani
Born 1516
Died 1576
Nationality Italian
Education Giulio Romano
Known for Painting and Architecture
Movement Mannerism
Patron(s) Vincenzo Gonzaga

Giovanni Battista Bertani (1516–1576) was an Italian painter and architect of the late Renaissance period. He trained with Giulio Romano in Mantua, and was promoted after Romano's death to the post of prefect of the ducal studio (fabbriche). Painters who assisted him over the years include his brother Domenico, as well as Giovanni Battista del Moro, Geronimo Mazzuola, Paolo Farinato, Domenico Brusasorci, Giulio Campi, and Paolo Veronese. He is said to have completed a partial translation of the work of Vitruvius.

House of Giovanni Battista Bertani in Mantua


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